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Wedding Photography Tips

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Choosing a wedding photographer for your wedding in San Diego is an important step in preparing your perfect wedding. Which of the many San Diego photographers should you choose and how can you be assured of getting the wedding pictures you dreamed of? When you look for a photographer you should have several questions ready to ask them. In this photography blog I would like to list some of those questions and give you Sviatlana Photography's answer. So here we go:


1. What is your photographic style and where do you draw your wedding photo ideas from?

The style I use really depends on the situation and the context. For the ceremony itself and the more traditional parts of the reception I like to use a mixture of photojournalistic, traditional and formal styles. During more relaxed moments of the wedding I prefer to use more creative, artistic and candid styles. I find that this approach captures the essence of the wedding in the wedding images.


2. Can you produce Black and White photos or do you only shoot in color?

Yes, like most wedding photographers I can do both. Since I shoot photos in RAW format I can produce photos in color, Black and White, sepia, and many other color schemes. Using data RAW format allows me to use the maximum amount of photographic information captured in the image. In addition, I can provide digital images in JPEG and other formats to my clients.


3. How much input from your clients do you allow? Can we give you a list of shots that we want?

I welcome input from my clients! My main goal is to produce fantastic wedding photos for my clients that they will cherish forever. If you have certain wedding poses you like or a list of specific shots you want I would be more than happy to work with you by using my expertise to make your ideas a reality! 


4. What kind of equipment do you use and will it interfere with our wedding? Do you have back-up equipment?

I use a wide range of Nikon DSLR cameras, lenses, and flashes. In addition I use tripods, soft-boxes and umbrellas. I have enough equipment to cover as back-up in the event of an emergency. My equipment will not interfere with the wedding since I always place it in such a way that it is out of the way as much as possible but still sufficient to achieve great photos. During the ceremony I stay out of the way as much as possible, taking photos from a further vantage point using zoom lenses, though I might occasionally move in for a close-up.


5. How many months before my wedding should I book your services?

You should try to book my services at least a month before your wedding, but preferably more. Obtaining beautiful wedding pictures of your wedding is important for you as well as for me. I like to have enough time before your wedding to learn what your particular preferences are, to spend time reviewing and researching the location and expected lighting conditions, and to prepare all the paperwork. Additionlly, I always make a plan for photographing your wedding; I like to find the best locations for group and family shots and beautiful spots for artistic bride and groom portraits.


6. At the wedding will you stay in the background or do you prefer to be out in front choreographing shots?

There are times during the wedding when I find it better to be in the background. That's when I can obtain those candid shots of you and your guests! Some of the most memorable photos come from using this method. On the other hand, I like to also work on choreographing shots of you, your family, and close friends. I usually do this when the lighting conditions are right for a very specific series of shots, when it does not interfere with your wedding to do so, and when I feel I can capture a unique and special moment.


7. How will you dress at my wedding?

I always dress in a professional manner that is consistent with the overall theme of your wedding.


8. What kind of wedding photography packages do you offer?

I offer a wide range of wedding photography packages as well as the opportunity to customize my packages to fit your particular wedding event needs. You can get a much better sense of what I offer by visiting my wedding packages webpage.


9. Do you provide photo editing with your photography services?

Yes, with my services I provide complete photographic editing of your images. This would include brightening, making colors more vibrant, artistic editing, blemish removal and more. I strive to provide you with absolutely the most beautiful and memorable wedding photos that you can cherish forever!


I hope these photography tips will be helpful for your future wedding!



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